“[Ambroz] thought about how he’d joined the Planning Commission hoping to help address the homelessness crisis downtown, but the topic never once came up in his one-on-one meeting with Chan.”😔

“I walked out and sat in my car and I just thought, what the heck is going on here?” testified Ambroz, *who grew up homeless*. “I just felt uneasy.”🤢

Who really got screwed over by the City Hall corruption scandal? Thousands of marginalized people who are locked out of the 17,000 new unaffordable housing units that went up in DTLA over the past decade, who are now also banned from sitting, sleeping or having personal property in thousands of public places including City Hall, are the human victims of these criminal acts.

Do these court proceedings include any remedy for the sabotaged futures of thousands of humans who are being pushed around by LAPD & Sanitation in the shadows of these shiny monuments of corruption? Can any of the unaffordable units or developments that were illegally approved be seized by the City for use as public housing?

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